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    Co-Owner & Head Chef: Kevin Davis
    Co-Owner & CFO: Terresa Davis
    General Manager & Wine Director: Bruce Sturgeon
    Event, Catering & Sales Manager: Terresa Davis
    Event Coordinator: Lizette Arroyo-Dillard
    Floor Managers: Andrea Wood, Bill Hassinger, Emma Byfield
    Business Manager & Accountant: Richard Coombs



    Bruce SturgeonBruce Sturgeon, General Manager
    Bruce comes to Blueacre Seafood with a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry. He sees his role as taking his 35 years of experience in the business to help bring the vision of owners Chef Kevin and Terresa Davis to life. “The whole package of the food, beverage program and décor make this a very unique space,” says Bruce.

    Entering the industry at the age of 16, Bruce became a dishwasher at Paine Field in Everett—the weekend of the Air Show where 100,000 people surrounded the one small restaurant at the airfield. It was an auspicious start to his career. When not washing dishes, he did prep work in the kitchen. The cook didn’t show up one day and, at 16, he became the cook, learning a great deal very quickly and over the next handful of years held several other industry positions.

    Looking for adventure, he moved to Aspen, Colorado, to ski and work when he was 22. He hired on at Ute City Banque, a well-known, upscale restaurant written up in Bon Appétit and Gourmet magazines. He started as a prep cook, but was moved into a lead role after just two months. Asking for more hours, he began working behind the bar as well as the stove. That led to even more hours when he was hired at the bar across the street from Ute City Banque. The following summer, he began work in the kitchen at Patty Bugatti, a high-end Italian seafood restaurant. “I learned more about food there than anywhere. The chef would show you the ingredients, but not the amounts because no onion or other ingredient is always the same. You made the dish by taste and had to trust your palate.”

    Bruce has worked in Washington, Colorado and California in well known restaruants such as Café Sport and Le Taste de Vin which had 1000 wines on their list, French restaurant, Le Cadeau, as general manager and wine director, high-end Cano’s in Newport, California, Arnie’s in Mukilteo, McCormick’s Fish House in downtown Seattle, The Triple Door and Wild Ginger.

    He met Terresa Davis and she introduced him to her husband, Chef Kevin Davis. “Kevin was at Sazerac and it became one of my favorite places. After meeting him and eating his food, I consider him to be Seattle’s best chef.”

    In early March 2010, Bruce became the General Manager of Blueacre Seafood and took charge of the wine program. He has passed his introductory sommelier course as well as the Certified Sommelier Exam. “I’ve watched how successful Kevin and Terresa have been and am very excited about the chance to be part of the team, creating something from scratch. I think their concept is just right for this moment in Seattle.”

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